Kiersi Burkhart

Story Development, Screenwriting, and Freelance Copywriting

I offer the following services:

  • Consulting with creators to develop raw ideas into marketable concepts, write treatments and pitches, and develop and write pilots.

  • Developmental editing on scripts, books, and more with a high-level focus on core concept refinement, pacing, emotional resonance, and marketability.

  • Screenwriting and prose writing for animated and live-action TV.

  • Marketing-driven copywriting, handbooks, guides, and narrative-driven corporate blogging. Read more here.


  • "Working with Kiersi is an absolute delight. She brings unique ideas to the table, is quick to pivot, and is incredibly consistent." -Kerry Shawcross, Showrunner on RWBY

  • "Kiersi’s understanding of story structure and emotional beats is indispensable. Her feedback brought my manuscript to the next level and gave it cohesion in ways I didn’t even know were lacking." -Ruth Lehrer, author of Being Fishkill

  • "Kiersi is an invaluable professional who provides essential feedback, critique, and solutions—enhancing and benefiting projects every time." -Roundtable Productions UK

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